Bhikhari Thakur "Shakespeare of Bhojpuri".

Bhikari Thakur was an Indian author popularly known as the "Shakespeare of Bhojpuri". Thakur was born in a barber-family on 18 December 1887 at Kutubpur ( Diyara) Village in Saran District. Name of his father and mother was Dal Singar Thakur and Shivkali Devi respectively. He had a younger brother named Bahor Thakur.He went Kharagpur to earn livelihood. He had earned much and but not satisfied with the job. Ramlila had impressed him. He went Jagannath Puri. till the time, he has been converted to another person.
He established Dance Party in the native village and began to play Ram Lila, sing songs and took interest in Social-works. Now he writes dramas, songs and books etc. Language of the books was simple and attracted many. Books were published from Varanasi, Chhapra and Howrah.
His literary creations including Dramas ( Bidesiya, Beti-Bechawa, Bidhawa Bilaap etc.) and songs are praised and used to sing even today. He died in the age of 84 years on 10 July 1971.

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