Use PC or Laptop as a Mobile

Now you can easily chat with your friends and send SMS , emails, IMs on your PC and Laptop but in Mobile View. In one place you got about all like Windows Live Messenger, MSN, AOL, AIM, Yahoo!, Mail, Google Talk!, GTalk, MySpace, ICQ, Facebook, Hyves, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, Wordpress, Google Plus +, Orkut, MySpace, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Calendar, News, Noticias, Wikipedia, Diccionario, Dictionary, Wordreference, Search, Translate, Traductor and many more.

Enjoy & enjoy..

For this you have to do simple tasks:1. Go to this link
2. View the right pan
3. Look at for Bhojpuriya Messenger
4. Wait for loading Bhojpuriya Messenger
5. Sign Up/Sign in your desired domain

Enjoy A lots......

Happy New Year 2012

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